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Property Services

We provide a turn key solution for our clients which incorporates the following services through our network of professionals:

Sourcing properties, feasibility studies, negotiating on behalf of clients, introductory services to solicitors/accountants/fiduciary experts, property renovations, architectural and structural solutions, property management, interior design, advice on property sales/lets, property furnishing

and storage solutions.

We can provide the services above individually or as a collective approach. Experience in this field and trust from our clients has demonstrated that our clients prefer to appoint us to locate, purchase, renovate, let and manage properties all as one single project. This enables us to complete feasibility studies at the outset and work to the desired outcome be that financial, inspirational or efficiency optimisation.

The reason behind our success is that we treat each and every property as if it were our own. Clients consider us as their property partners in London.

Property Management

Mashki property management team provides single property and residential block management in central London. The team specializes in the management of new build, existing or newly refurbished single properties and residential blocks.

We take great pride in managing our properties and aim to resolve any faults the same day they are logged. We complete health and safety and fire inspections to ensure that our properties meet all current UK safety benchmarks and guidelines. We aim to visit each property at least once a week and are in frequent communication with estate agents, tenants and owners. We believe that a well managed property can save huge costs by identifying damage and/or repairs before the problem expands. 

We ensure all functional items are frequently monitored and serviced to ensure consistency and to avoid any unnecessary damage to heating systems, cooling systems, plumbing, electrics, roofing and damp problems that may occur. Our feedback has consistently been exceptional because we are quick to identify and repair things when they go wrong. We also use our own maintenance staff, which significantly reduces the cost to our clients for emergency call outs.

Interior Design

Mashki’s interior design team works hand in hand with architects to ensure consistency and maximum space utilization. Our aim is to maximize the potential value of each property by amplifying spaces with design and lighting techniques and utilizing furniture that compliments each space. Our aim is to develop properties that our clients love and remember.

We believe our clients are best at describing how they wish to utilize space in their home so we start with you and provide solutions that surround your vision until we convert them to reality. Attention to detail is key so we enjoy frequent contact with our clients until we reach perfection.

Furniture, Fixtures and Fittings
The design team at Mashki can provide designs and costs for all the furniture and furnishings for your property. We specialize in high-end residential furnishings and also provide very cost effective solutions for investment properties. We work with our clients to specify the sizes, finishes, fabrics as well as costs to provide the desired outcome. The team has strong relationships with furniture manufacturers and distributors that enable us to pass on discounts to our clients that other firms simply can’t.

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